Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Comrades and Cohorts

"When I was young, my dad said son
Never be ashamed of where your from
There's nothin wrong with your last name
So don't be lookin for people to blame
Cuz hard times they come and they go
And most of the time their in the middle of your road
Same pain
Different ways
Don't you know Son
When it pours it rains
Hard Times"
Ryan Bingham from Mescalito
One of my most favorite recent albums

Well let's see what have I been up to. Went to the Hawkeye/Wisconsin game.
How bout them Hawks! Finally, hopefully the good play will continue.

Played in a trivia tournament and we finished second out of 50, and I think I may have contributed a couple of correct answers.

So in honor of trivia here you go

These are the real names of what people?(music)
No cheating now

Dana Owens
Bill Homans
Mckinley Morganfield
Ellas Bates
If you think you know without doing the google thing let me know. 20 Points 5 each. Ha!

Life continues to amaze me in many ways. Going through Moriah's things has put many smiles on my face and of course a few tears. In one of those kind of strange moments I came across a bunch of her CD's and found one titled "Moriah's Mix" So I decide to download it and the first song I hear is Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" Maybe so, Maybe so.

I'm heading back to Mizzou this weekend. Trying to get the house set up with furniture, amenities etc. So it's about ready to accept some guests. All are welcome!!.

That's if for now
God Bless


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