Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mojo repost email from 1-5-06

Thanks to everyone for helping, prayers and thoughts.

Moriah had a fairly uneventful day yesterday. She looks very good after having the respirator and all the stuff taken out of her mouth and off of her face. Her breathing is a bit better so we'll take that. She looks like she could wake up and get out of bed. For now all her vitals and numbers are very good but doctor's do not have an explanation as to why she is unconscious. Her fever seems to be under control. We will have some very difficult decisions in the next few weeks. So keep that in your prayers.

As far as the accident, I saw the car and Mary didn't have a chance. Looks like very high speed involved. I can't tell you a lot but when you find out how this happend and how easily it could have been avoided you will be deeply saddened. But bitterness and anger will not bring them back to us. Remember the grace that God has shown all of you. We will let the lawyers, highway patrol and the insurance companies do their jobs, I guess.

My message to all of you is this, do not take anything for granted, look into the eyes of your loved ones and tell them how important they are to you. Mary and I did this often and what comfort I have that we really knew how much we loved each other. As you know She was the best wife, mother and lover anyone could expect.. Take comfort that she is in heaven hanging curtains, working in the garden, and nurturing the babies. Enough pontification for now!!! Keep us in your prayers and I will keep you updated. It could be a long fight.

"There's a brighter day around the corner"
From Beauty in the River by the Ozark Mtn Daredevils


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