Monday, November 10, 2008


There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness,
but of power.
They speak more eloquently thant 10,000 tongues.
They are the messengers of overwhelming grief,
of deep contrition and of
unspeakable love.
Washington Irving

I have finalized all of the charitable memorials in Moriah's name. As you already know we sent a contribution to the scholarship fund in Mary and Moriah's name. I have also sent funds to On With Life in Ankeny, Hospice of Mercy in Hiawatha, and of course Christ the King Lutheran here in Iowa City. Words can not express my sincere gratitude to all of these great places and to all of you who contributed to Moriah's memorial fund. I'm also working on some ideas for the burial site for Moriah and Mary. Should have that wrapped up in the next couple of weeks.

How bout those Hawkeyes!! beatin up on Penn State. Man it was cold but the victory made it worthwhile. Had a great time with friends Brent, Grant, and John.

Congrats to Moriah's friend Maureen who was married on November 1st. Thank you Maureen for being such a true and loyal friend to Mo and also for honoring her at your wedding. Best of luck to you and Sam. When can we expect to see you on Dancing with the Stars???

Jawon was student of the Month for the second year in row. He's now in 1st grade. When I asked this time how he did it he said,
"I was well behaved, read a lot of books, and I'm the smartest kid in the class" When I asked him how he knew he was the smartest kid in the class he said,
"Cuz I'm the smartest kid in the class"
Simple logic I guess. I'll be seeing him around Thanksgiving which should be fun.

Other than that not much new. I'll be attending the Purdue game this weekend and then the every other year sort of annual trip to Minnesota for the battle with the rodents. I'm already sick of the cold weather so looking forward to a trip to some warmer confines at some point after the holidays.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
God Bless
Down the Road
Keep prayin
Loud of soft

Oh I almost forgot, in case you didn't look it up here are the answers to last weeks trivia question.

Dana Owens Queen Latifah
Bill Homans Watermelon Slim
Mckinley Morganfield Muddy Waters
Ellas Bates Bo Diddley
How many did you get right??


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