Thursday, March 19, 2009


My apologies that it's been so long since my last posting. I will be doing a final posting of the blog this weekend, so stay tuned for that. I will keep it open for comments etc but then I plan on shutting it down completely. I guess it's time to move along. In the future you can reach me at facebook or at I did want to let everybody know that the marker for Mary and Moriah's burial site at Oakhill Cemetary should be installed shortly. I hope and pray that all is well with all of you. Please keep Mary's mother Verna in your prayers as she suffered a heart attack this morning.
Down the Road!
Keep prayin, LOUD or soft
God Bless
I will not be returning my bonus to the taxpayers!!!!


Blogger Maureen said...

Wait, you're on facebook? I'm looking you up!

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