Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Moriah had a pretty good week but remains in essentialy the same condition. Grandpa and Grandma Reiman visited her this weekend. She did have her eyes open most of the time. She looks much better and her complexion on her face looks a lot better. She did turn her head and react to her Grandmother. Again, we keep praying for something good to happen.

Lord, unbind her from these chains!!!!

My Dad watched the Hawkeyes with me on Saturday. Ich!!! A real stinker. Hopefully they will get it together as one of the rodents of the Big Ten visits on this Saturday.(Wisconsin)

This was one of those weekends where a lot of random thoughts passed through my head. As time goes by(fast) I continue to be consumed with the blessings of all of my friends and family. This has been, of course, the greatest impact of any event in my life. God Bless all of you. Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

More lyrics from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils Album #13 a line from each song

Life so fast fast I'm afraid to blink, people still live in chains

There's a light that no one see's, but it's as bright as the sun to me, everywhere she goes
Everywhere she goes she takes my heart and soul
Everywhere she goes she makes me feel what only Heaven knows

If you have a question, just ask

Pick the time, pick the place
Pick the lock on the last embrace

I've got a one way ticket to the open road
I've got all day to get there and nowhere to go

So live and learn and take your chances
and every step will bring that distant shore into view
I see that light so bright streamin in

Jumpin in a taxi you gotta see the band play
it's on a little side street a little off of Broadway

Your voice whispers words to make me believe
Nothings different, nothings changed with you and me
I feel lost if not forgotten Where are we? Are you still here ?
Our love is drowning in tears. (Wow!!!)

I'm still dreamin about you

As long as this goes on there will be love in every song we sing

Just when it's all blown away
Just when there's nothin left to stay
Just when I'm so far from home
Just when I'm lost and alone
I feel your guiding light
In the day in the night

And prays for shelter from the storm
Where they dream of a world
Without sadness and pain
What's another tear in the rain?

In the street light while I'm walkin
I hear voices someone talkin
When I listen
No affection something missing
No direction

I'm going out bar hoppin, be boppin
There's won't be no stoppin me tonight
The good Lord know it's time to rock
And when the sun goes down I'll be gone (of course one party song!)

The great thing about music and lyrics is that it means different things to everybody. Hope this all means something to all of you.
God Bless


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