Sunday, January 08, 2006

Moriah 1-08-06

Good friends we have found
And good friends we have lost
Along the way
In this great world you can't forget the past
So dry a tear I say
From "No Woman No Cry" Robert Nesta Marley

Looks like Moriah may be off the ventitlator for the most part. If she continues to breathe on her own for the next couple of days, she will probably be moved to a different wing. She still looks great and to me she looks a little different today. She looked ready to wake up! Might be me but I sensed something there that I had not seen before. Going to church has been extemely difficult for me. Not because it's church but because of all that I see there that Mary had her hand in. Tomorrow I head back to work, so wish me the best. I also have lots of things to do in regards to Mary's estate and all the legal stuff. The help that I have received from friends and family can not be described in words.

So some more thanks,
To Mary's sisters Jayne and Bette and to my sister Susanne, I know your are all strong and miss her dearly but continue to be the best mom's you can be.

To Christ the King Lutheran Church, The depth of your faith, conviction, and strength astounds me.

To Hills Bank, I hope you understand the depth of the quality and the talent of your employees. In my job I rely on others and understand that the boss is only as good as those that work for him/her. I would say that you are in excellent shape. My thanks to you for prayers and comments about Moriah and Mary.

To all of those of you that have crossed paths with me at Menards, your support is far beyond my expectations. What an unbelievable group of people.

Don Quixote
As the story moves into its central theme, Don Quixote invites the audience to "take a deep breath of life, and consider how it ought to be lived." Is it a good world, or is it a bad world? What is the duty of a man or woman in such a world?
Quixote's answer is simple. Whatever the world is, one must dream, love, stand for what is right, bear with sorrow, keep going no mattter how weary. And at the end of that road, one finds a calm and peaceful heart.
Thanks to Carolyn Otis one of Mary's PEO sister's for sharing this with me.



Blogger Andover Connection said...

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Blogger Andover Connection said...

Dale -
Moriah remains in our prayers and we pray the Holy spirit continues to provide you with the strength you need to make it through the days ahead.

We requested that both you and Moriah be added to the prayer chain at our home church. I hope you don't mind. I feel the more prayers the better!

Please give us a ring if you need anything.
God Bless.

Deb & Steve Elliott

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