Sunday, August 20, 2006


I visited Mojo today after returning from Philadelphia. Danielle's move went well, except for some traffic delays in Chicago and a couple smaller ones in Pennsylvania. She starts school next Monday. Moriah was a little bit alert but seemd somewhat tired. We have a couple of medical checkups coming so we'll see how that goes. Thank you to all of those who visited her while I was away.
I read an entire book today on the flights and time at the airports. Don't think I've ever read that much in one day. Pretty good book called "And You Know You Should Be Glad" by Bob Greene. Once again was I was amazed by the similarities of certain aspects of my life. It's nice to know we're not on this ride alone.

The friends who mean everything to us--the friends without whom our lives would be empty--are our most enduring models of grace and good fortune. We know that our time on earth would have had paltry meaning had not, one fine day, our lives connected for the first time with the lives of the people who would turn out to be our most treasured friends. Bob Greene

I continue to be blessed by the depths your friendships. Family and Friends, May God Bless all of you.


Blogger 2nd shift said...

We just wanted to let everybody know that we love taking care of Moriah. When we have a spare minute we like to just go in there and sit with her when she doesn't have company. And we really like picking out music for her to listen to.

~the 2nd shift nurse aides

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