Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Moriah arrived around noon on Monday at Windmill Manor in Coralville. For those of you who are familiar with the area, it's located behind C and S Furniture Gallery on the west end of Coralville.
She is in room 113 in the Hawkeye wing. How appropriate.
She looked comfortable and so far so good with the facility.

God bless


Blogger Mary Almquist said...

I'm glad Moriah has made it safely back and that she's now nearer home so it will be easier to see her. Wally and I continue to pray for her healing, for your needs and well-being, and for your family.
I wanted also to tell you thank you for all of the writing you do on Moriah's blog. Your heart and hurt and hope touch all who read the blog. It speaks to us on so many levels and in ways you may never even imagine. It is love at work, and that is no small deed.
May the God of greatest love hold you close, Dale, and give you comfort, strength, and courage. May the days be brighter and Moriah well soon.
--Mary Almquist

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