Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Adversity certainly does introduce a man to himself.

The trache is out!! It was removed yesterday and so far Mojo seems to be doing well. She was a little quiet on Monday but did see her eyes during Yahtzee and some of the other therapy session. The left eye looks better but is still a little pink. They have switched her drops again. Hopefully between the trache removal and some improvement with the eye situation we will see some progress in the near future. I will visit her again on Saturday.

Lots of good tunes over the upcoming weekend. Charlie Daniels in Coralville, The Iowa City Jazz Festival and the Mississippi Blues Festival in Davenport offer some great oppurtunities to get out and see some live music, which I believe is one of the great gifts and pleasures of life. Obviously it will be bittersweet for very obvious reasons.. It was one of our favorite times of the year. Hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. And don't forget to pause and give some thanks and thoughts to those who made this the Greatest Country in the World. Burdened and blessed but also very fortunate for what I have been given.

Out of the shadows
Into the light
Everything gonna be alright?
Out of the shadows
Into your love
You're all I'm thinkin of
I was blind
But now I see
Standin in sorrow
You rescued me
Out of the shadows
Into the light of your love

Jimmie Vaughan Out of the Shadows from the album

For every man shall bear his own burden
Galatians 6 v5

God Bless
Please pray for a brighter day around the corner.


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