Thursday, June 15, 2006


Spent most of the day on Wednesday in Ankeny with Moriah. I was joined by Mary's Mom and Dad, and Mary's sister Bette and her kids Alexander and Marcus. Her lip looked a million percent better but she did bite it a little bit while I was there. Her review was about what I expected. Some improvement in responses and the trache capping is going well. She was capped the entire time I was there. Hopefully that will continue and then they will try to cap her for the entire day for a week or so and then proceed to overnight. If that goes well they can remove it. The eyes have not been open a lot lately and is attributed to the pressure in her left eye. It's probably a little painful for her so she chooses to keep them shut.
They will try some different drops, however drops will not be a permanent solution if the pressure continues. If it does they will have to do a procedure to put a hole in her eye to relieve the pressure. Her digestion and all that good stuff that goes with it is going well. No issues with constipation or diahrhea. She hasn't had a skin break down yet which is quite amazing. she seems to have loosened up her jaw some lately which is need for her oral care. Response wise she has shown some signs that are good but they remain iconsistent. Some good news and bad news but at this point it is obvious how serious her brain injury is. We continue to pray and hope that something good will happen.

All I need is a miracle, all I need is you!!!!!!!!

God Bless all of you.


Blogger heyscooch said...

We continue to watch Moraiah's progress. Keep those journals going. We're out here reading them even if we don't respond often.

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