Saturday, May 13, 2006


Spent the afternoon today with Moriah. I was accompanied by Danielle and Jawon and joined by Maureen a good(loyal) friend of Moriah's. A 4 year old sure does offer a different perspective on things. He was very sweet with Moriah and told me "she'll be ok". Moriah is still trying to get rid of the trache. They have this scale to guage it by and she's a 5 out of 6 but having a little difficulty getting to the last stage. She needs to be able to cough the crud out on her own to get rid of it. Other than that she was about the same. Did get what appeared to be a couple fo squeezes out of her and she was alert and had her eyes open most of the time. Keep praying, there is always hope.

We stopped at Fairway in Ankeny to get some snacks and Jawon asked the cashier(who was an older male in a tie) "Why are you out of your office?" Pretty funny!!!!!

Looks like we're going to have a big crowd on hand next Friday, Many thanks in advance.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone.. There is nothing more importantin this world than being a Mother.

God Bless, hang in there, the good fight continues.


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