Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Moriah's visit to UIHC today went well and ahead of schedule(didn't know that was possible!). She handled the trip well and had her trache capped for the entire ride. She had a MRI and CT scan done and results will be forthcoming. Sorry she wasn't around long enough for many of you to visit her. She looked alert. Hopefully there will be good news from the tests.(Pray)

Again if anyone needs the flyers for the fundraiser event on the 19th at The Mill in downtown Iowa City, please let me know. It would be best if you called me on my cell phone @ 400-4423 until I get my new computer going which will be sometime next week. You can also stop in at Menards(Save Big Money!), I will have some copies there available.
The music starts at 8:30 p.m. You can come early and eat dinner and the kitchen will be open until 10:00 p.m. with pizza and other stuff available until 11:00. Please remember that this is a non-smoking event.

I'm looking forward to the 19th more as a get together than a fund raiser. It's impossible to put into words the emotions that I have felt over the past several months. I am unable to express my thanks to all of you. I hope I get to thank many of you that evening. If not THANKS!!

I will be traveling to Ankeny on Saturday along with Jawon to see Moriah. If anyone is going to be over there on Saturday let me know so we can hook up.

I pray that I may live to fish.....
Until my dying day.
And when it comes to my last cast,
I then most humbly pray.
When in the Lord's great landing net
And peacefuly asleep,
That in His Mercy I be judged
Big enough to keep.

The Fisherman's Prayer

May God's mercy grant you peace.
Stay Cool


Blogger heyscooch said...

Funny fishing poem, Dale.
Can you post all the information for the benefit? Thanks.

4:43 PM  

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