Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Moriah's condition hasn't changed a lot since last week. They are starting to do the trache cap again, but the mucus in her throat has proven to be problematic. She coughs and swallows on her own now which is very good but seems to struggle a little bit when they first cap it. They will continue to cap it more each day until they can remove it entirely, but it's another slow process.

They have virtually removed the collar for good. She will probably only need it when she's transported. Still has an issue with pressure in her left eye. They have went back to giving her some eye drops which helped considerably before.

I don't have the details yet on her visit to Iowa City next week for a follow up visit and UIHC. It will be on the 10th but I will need to confirm that and the length of stay in the next couple of days.

The weekend in Missouri was ok. The weather didn't cooperate until it was time to go fishing on Sunday which turned out to be a great day on the water. Laird and I each snagged one fish, although his was a little bit bigger than mine. (inside joke!) We landed one 65 lb spoonbill and had a larger fish along side the boat but she shook loose. I had never done this kind of fishing before, so it was interesting and I learned alot. Very weird prehistoric creatures and pretty tasty also.

Jawon turns 4 on the 4th. I'll spend a little time with him on Friday.

Don't forget the benefit on the 19th at the Mill. We will get some posters made shortly, so if you want one to post somewhere let me know.

"I still believe that God is my friend"

God Bless


Blogger Joe and Cindy said...

A 65 pound fish! We weren't sure what a spoonbill was so had to check it out on the internet. I guess MN has them, too, but only in the southern part.
We still think of all of you often and are praying for Moriah's recovery; we're so glad she doesn't need the collar on a daily basis anymore.

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