Sunday, April 02, 2006


Spent most of Saturday visiting Moriah. She is about the same as the past week. Has her eyes wide open during the day and blinks and winks quite a bit. We continue to try and get her to respond to questions or commands. She still has some issues with the trache but it looks better than last week. They were going to cap it again on Sunday to see how she did so we are hoping that goes well and she can have it removed fairly soon. They did not do the CT scan on Tuesday and will try again on Monday. She had a little cough so they felt she would probably move too much in the tube.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated. I can not thank you enough for all that you have done and for all your heart felt thoughts. It truly is a struggle that of course we are never prepared for. But then we don't really know wha'ts planned for us do we. Please take some time and visit Moriah if you can. I will go see her again on Saturday. If anything changes in the mean time I'll keep you posted.
God's grace to all of you. Hope you have a great week.


Blogger heyscooch said...

It's a roller coaster ride that won't stop running, hey? We keep checking on Moriah's condition with hope and prayers.
Cheryl and Ken

4:58 PM  
Blogger Jenn1 said...

I'm still praying for Moriah. My friend runs a dance studio in the Quad Cities, and her entire school prays daily for Moriah.
We are believing still for her healing and recovery.
God be with you!

Jennifer Sergeant
(Hilah Owen's friend)

7:46 PM  

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