Wednesday, March 08, 2006


True friends are never lost
Never forgotten
Everyone changes
But the heart knows what is true.

Moriah's first day in Ankeny went well. They do all kinds of therapy trying to stimulate responses. This is quite a change from the last 10 weeks of care. They dress her and get her out of bed every day. They do both occupational and physical therapy. They also do things like music, ring bells, smells etc. Anything that might get her going. She gets lots of attention, and this is her best shot at recovery. They are also very good at keeping me informed of what they are doing and what is going on. She did have her eyes open a fair amount yesterday. You can check out the facility at

I survived my birthday yesterday. Had a great dinner with Mark and Angela. Thank you!!
Another bittersweet memory as Mary and I usually celebrated our birthday's together since they were so close. We spent many of them on vacation in Vegas, Jamaica, Florida, and even a few at the Lake. I miss her so much, but these kind of memories make me realize how special she was. God really blessed me.

Do not take life for granted, for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.
Kirby Puckett.

I know Kirby had lots of troubles after his playing days, but I will always remember him running around and having fun with a big smile and a great attitude.

Have a great day.


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Happy Birthday, Dale!

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