Tuesday, April 11, 2006


A quick update

Moriah did very well with the insertion of the shundt today. It began doing what it's supposed to almost immediately so looks like we did the right thing. Hopefully it will help with some progress. Looks like we're going to get rid of the brace and go to a collar which she will only have to wear(hopefully) when she's up in the chair. So that should make her much more comfortable.

The neuro staff is going to take some pics of her upper neck. Looks like it's healed fine, but there are a couple of bones that are protruding somewhat. If they don't move it will be ok but if they do move when she does then they will have to go in a do a minor surgery to fuse the vertabraes together. This was also debated some time ago. But with all the other things that we going on medically it was decided not to cause her any more stress. If this is done it will be while she's here this week and she would most likely stay in Iowa City through the weekend. The good news in the spinal cord looks like it's where it's supposed to be and does not look disturbed so keep on prayin!!

Some of you have expressed interest in the newspaper article. If so I need your address to send it to you. You can also try to access it on line through the Iowa City Press Citizen web site. I think it's press citizen.com

God Bless


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