Saturday, April 08, 2006


It's not how do we get there from here, it's how did we get here from there. By the grace of God.

I sensed a little more awareness from Moriah today. Of course I can't prove it at this point but she seemed to respond a little more and winked her eyes when I asked her to, however it's hard to tell some times if that coincides with the commands, but I guess for now I'll take it. No other major changes. We are hoping and praying that her trip back to Iowa City will be a positive one and that it will spur on some more progress when she gets back to Ankeny. As far as I know she should be able to see visitors at any time when she's in her room. She will be out on Monday at some point for xrays, scans etc and on Tuesday morning for the insertion of the shundt. I'll let you know if anything else is going on.

There was an article in today's Iowa City Press Citizen about Brain Awareness month and it features Moriah and Chelsea Zender another Iowa Citian. If you haven't seen it and would like to, let me know and I will send you a copy.

The moon is down all over town
The forecast is grey, Now that she's gone away
The stars in the skies Fell out of her eyes
They shattered When they hit the ground
And now the moon is down
The sun will be fine, It'll shine all the time
The sky will be blue and do what it's supposed to do
Ya see gravity pulls but it can't keep you around
It'll be one long day And now the moon is down

John Prine The Moon is Down from Fair and Square

I find that a very honest take and not necesarily a negative or depressing one, kind of hard to explain but???

Which leads me to this, I would like to share a couple of songs from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils that were two of Mary's favorites. Both of these are off the "It'll Shine When it Shines" album.

"It Couldn't Be Better"

Now a tear leaves you only a trace and the sun finds its way to your face
It couldn't be better, it couldn't be better, Lord than it is right now

And the one that you gave all your charms finds his way to the depth of your arms

It couldn't be better, it couldn't be better, Lord than it is right now.

"It'll Shine When it Shines"

The old cat on the roof he could stand a little push
'cause he's got nine good lives to live
but like momma said you only live till you're dead
and you got to give and give and give

There's a pebble in the pond goin' on and on,
makin' waves and tides and ripples and rings
there's a leaf in the wind that don't know where to end
chasin' days and ways and wishes and dreams

Seems like every one is out lookin' for the sun
Singin' rain and pain on he who hesitates

But it'll shine when it shines
you might think I'm wastin time but,
I'm just a good old boy that's learned to wait

Whippooorwill's in the dawn, pretty soon, he'll be gone
but like my daddy said, it's in your heart, not your head
and you got to sing and sing and sing!!

There's a window in the wall lookin' out on it all
leavin' fears and tears and troubles alone
there's a fire in the stove keepin' out the cold
warmin' wine and winters and babies and homes

But it'll shine when it shines!!!

Pretty amazing don't you think??

Keep in touch
God Bless


Blogger Lila T said...

Hi, I was Mary's high school friend and hadn't seen her for a long time but I check your site every day to find out how things are going with you and Moriah.
You and the girls are in my prayers and I appreciate you doing this to keep everyone informed.
I would like to read the article from the Iowa City paper.
Take Care and God Bless.

6:18 AM  
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