Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Visited Moriah today with Mary's best bud Darlene. Laird stopped by along with Vinny and Deb. Moriah was alert and responded several times to voices. She moved her eyes side to side frequently. She lost badly in Yahtzee during therapy to Chad who rolled a Yahtzee and then all 6's. She continues the battle with the trache. They have put in a smaller trache with the hopes that it will be less irritating to her. They have also started her on antibiotics. The trache issue is her biggest medical challenge at this point. Once again it appears that we're seeing some tiny baby steps so please hang in there with us and continue your heartfelt prayers.

I will be heading out Friday for a road trip to Minnesota and then to Ankeny and most likely to Missouri. Will visit many old friends along the way. So you probably won't hear from me via the blog until the end of next week. Can't wait to see all of you along the way.

Which brings me to this song, when I first heard it probably 10 years or so go it struck me immediatley. It spoke to me about escaping the daily City life, getting away, and also reminds me of my roots to the prairie. I'd try to explain it but it would take several pages of mundane jibberish. I guess now I truly understand what it means to me and it's kind of been one of my theme songs through all of this(how many are there?)

This is called City Boy from Keb Mo's Keb' Mo' which won the accoustic blues album of the year in 1995.

I hear a voice
I hear a sound
The sound of my shoes, shufflin on out of town
Too many people
Too many cars
Take me to Memphis, Mercury, or Mars
Cuz I wan't to go where the Buffalo roam
I'm just a City Boy lookin for a home

I can't breathe
I can't see
The City is no place for me
I can't seem to find my way
I'm just existing from day to day
But I wan't to be
Where my soul can run free
I'm just a City Boy lookin for a home
Now I don't wan't to be no prisoner
And I sure don't want to be no slave
I wan't to look out tonight
And see the stars up in the sky
The little dipper and the milky way
I can't sleep It's tonight
Everywhere wherever I go there seems to be cryin
I'm tired of all these concrete streets
I wan't to feel the dirt up under my feet
I wan't to go where the Buffalo roam
I'm just a city boy lookin for a home

harmonica solo

I wan't to go where the Buffalo roam
I'm just a city boy lookin for a home

Hope you all have safe journeys
God Bless


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