Saturday, May 20, 2006


Thanks to all who attended the fundraiser last evening and to those who were thinking of us. We raised about 2900 bucks!!! And when I opened up the mail today there was a bill for Moriah's portion of her first medical bill from UIHC which was 2965 dollars. hmmmmmmmmmmm????????????

I would like to indivually thank John Bayless and his fellow bandmates for putting this thing together. And also thanks to The Mill for supporting our efforts.

I visited Moriah today along with brother Jim and my Mom and Dad. She was quiet and sleeping when we arrived. My family left and headed back to Wisconsin(cheeseheads) and then Mojo woke up. I told her about the event and hopefully mentioned everyone who was there which took awhile. I did get a squeeze and got her to track her eyes towards me a couple of times. She is still fighting the trache thing and hopefully it's only a matter of time before she beats it, but it's really been an up and down thing. Baby steps and time will tell the story.

Someone requested I print the horoscope thing I read last night.. Again I've hardly ever read horoscope's before but this caught my eye when I was on my computer prior to leaving for The Mill.

Pisces 5-19-06
A group whom you sometimes get together for prayer or mediatation, could meet tonight. And you could get carried away by the spiritual dimensions these meditations can take on. You feel comfortable with the people in the group and are grateful for the friendship and support this group provides. Be with this feeling tonight, and try to hang onto it for as long as you can. It can help you through some rough times.

Again thanks to all of you.

It is not I it is you
It is you that I receive my motivation from
It is you that I receive my strength from
It is you that inspires me
It is my faith that guides me
It was easier when I knew nothing
For what a fool I once was
And even though I have learned so much
It is much harder now that I have lost so much
But it is you
Not me
Without you I would be lost
And weak
So may God's grace continue
To give you the strength
That you so unselfishly
Give to me.

God Bless
Where would I be without all of you.


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