Monday, June 12, 2006

The quickest way for anyone to reach the sun and the light of day is not to run west,
chasing after the setting sun,
but to head east, plunging into darkness until one comes to the sunrise.

Visited Mojo on Sunday. Have had a little progress with the trache as she was being capped up to four hours until Sunday when she seemed to resist it a little so they took the day off from capping. She has an issue now with biting her lip occasionally as she moves her jaw. She caught it a couple of times pretty good in the past week and it looks pretty nasty and swollen. They are trying to use a tape and some bandages to keep her lower lip out of the way and have also put her on some more antibiotics to keep if from becoming infected. Other than that she rested comfortably while I was there and she gave me a couple pretty good yawns. I will visit her again on Wednesday and will attend her monthly case conference that afternoon. Frankly we haven't seen the progress and reactions that we were hoping for. Keep your hopes high and keep praying for us. We're gonna need it.

God Bless ya Gunner!!!!!!!!!!

This was in the Press Citizen, I will let you know as we will probably have some kind of gathering to dedicate the plaque.

Galway Hills wil receive
$450 for the Mary Reiman
commerative Plaque, to
honor Mary Reiman who was
killed in a car accident on Dec.
26, 2005. Reiman was instru-
mental in starting the Galway
Hills Neighborhood
Association and advocated for
many years for a safe, pedestri-
an-friendly path from Galway
Hills to West High. The plaque
will be located next to the
Dublin Steet sidewalk leading
to West High.

I am amazed as to how she keeps teaching me things!!

God Bless,
Keep in touch,


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