Monday, July 10, 2006


Visited Moriah on Saturday with Sister Susanne and Nephew Jordan. She had her eyes open a lot and moved around a fair amount. We spent about an hour outside with her in the fresh air. A couple of the nurses said she seems more alert now in the evening and is doing some tracking with her eyes. However we still need to see some response to commands which would be the next big step on the improvement chart. The fact of the matter is, if some improvement isn't seen shortly she probably won't be allowed to stay in this type of facility which has a high rate of care and therapy. Unfortunatley that is the reality of the current situation($$$$$$$$) We still hope and pray that something good happens soon. Your prayers and thoughts are so needed and so greatly appreciated. I am stil overwhelmed and humbled by all of you.

Sometimes the load seems just too much to pull
Why me?
Why anyone?
Why must we part this way?
And the clock keeps on doing it's job up on the wall
And I've got some peace and quiet now to make sense of it all
But if you think these blues ain't bad you've never faced the bull!
Cuz my coffee cup is empty and the ashtray is full.

Watermelon Slim and The Workers

I know, kind of depressing but a great song off of a great album
and no, I'm not smokin. Time really doesn't stop for anyone does it??

God Bless


Blogger Jenn1 said...

Hello, Dale
Just letting you know that Moriah is still in the hearts and prayers of Dancin With GiGi Dance Studio in Eldridge, Iowa. We pray before every rehearsal and performance, and have been lifting up Moriah continuously. We are believing for her to come out of that coma before fall sessions resume. My students have wanted to visit her, even tho the distance is great. We believe that she will have some work or ministry with children when all of this subsides one day.
God bless and keep you in His care!
In Christ,
GiGi Bohach

10:55 PM  

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