Friday, August 25, 2006


Moriah seemed to have a couple of better days today and yesterday. She was alert and held her head up on her own which she hasn't done for awhile. She had her eyes open when I visited her this afternoon. We sat out front and enjoyed the warm weather. Don't give up!!! Keep up the prayers!!

Today while I was on my almost daily walk along Oakdale Ave I listened to a disc that's been getting a lot of of my attention lately. It's called "A New Shade of Blue" by Kelley Hunt. I saw her for the first time over at the Mississippi Blue's Fest over the Fourth of July. Let's just say I was impressed(smitten) with her and her music. If you like a little Gospel, a little Aretha, and a little Mahalia mixed in with your rock and blues then you would enjoy this album.. She does a remake of Jesse Winchester's "That's What Makes You Strong" A truly outstanding song.

If you love somebody, than that means you need somebody
And if you need somebody, well that's what makes you weak
But if you know you're weak
And you know you need someone,
Oh it's a funny thing, but that's what makes you strong
That's what make you strong, That's what gives you power
That's what let's the meek come sit beside the king
That's what let's us smile in our final hour
That what moves our souls and that's what makes us sing
Just to trust somebody is to be dissapointed
It's never what you wanted, it happens all the time
If you're the trusting kind, this don't even cross your mind
Oh it's a funny thing but that's what makes you strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be heading out tomorrow to check out John Prine in Des Moines. Really looking forward to seeing one of America's great singer/songwriters and to see some old friends.

Danielle's new address is
601 Cliveden St
Apt A201
Philadlephia, PA. 19119

God Bless
Keep the Faith!!

Philadelphia, PA


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