Sunday, July 01, 2007


I miss you Gunner!! John Ewalt 1956-2006

Here's one of Gunner's favorite songs

If you could use a change of pace

Be excused from the rat race

Just take a look at what's on view

Lace em up

Walk around

I guarantee you can't wear them down

You're gonna need a quality shoe!

I wish you sunny skies and happiness

Wherever you may go

But you've got to realize

there will be wind

there will be rain

and occasional snow

You're gonna want to smile and then

If you're going to walk a mile in them

There'll be times when you'll be blue

To laugh at rainy days and then

Make you get a ways and then

You're gonna need a quality shoe!

"Quality Shoe" From Mark Knopfler's "Ragpickers Dream"

Moriah seemed a little more alert this past week. She has battled an ear infection but that seems to be behind her now. I had her outside on several occasions the past week. We will be heading to the hospital shortly to have a procedure done on her tube, which is pretty routine, although nothing really seems routine does it. Just keep prayin for us.

I enjoyed a great Saturday of music with friends Brian and Darlene at Fitzgerald's in Chicago. Live music continues to be a great escape and therapy for me. What a great place and great people!

Thanks to all the musicians also

Bob Schneider and Band
The Marcia Ball Band
Sleepy LaBeef
Tony Joe White
Bob Margolin
Napoleon "Nappy" Brown

God Bless all of you, enjoy the 4th of July Holiday and,
God Bless America



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