Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hello everyone, thought you might enjoy some pics of the House in Missouri, we're moving along well.
Moriah has battled a little bit of diarrhea this week and was not very happy when I first arrived this morning. She looked much better after a shower and was up in her chair looking relaxed. They will be doing some tests to see if she has some kind of bug etc. She still seems to express some discomfort and anguish more than anything. There is some emotion there so that gives us some hope that we will see some improvements but as you all I'm sure know, there are no guarantees of any kind.
The Mary Reiman Memorial Scholarship Fund of Iowa City is almost ready to start accepting funds. We will be using some of the original memorial fund money that you all graciously gave to start this. Mary's parents have matched the amount. Thanks be to God!! This will be a scholarship through PEO which Mary was a member of. It will be awarded on an annual basis to a deserving Iowa City West or City High Senior Female who will be attending college. I won't go into the requirements but a committee is being established through PEO to make this award. If you would like to contribute to this fund you can send checks to me at my local address. The checks need to be made out to the PEO Foundation and tag your check to the afformentioned title. This will be a fund that will be open to contributions at anytime. What another cool thing!!
Dale Reiman
2119 Norcor Ave #5
Coralville, Ia. 52241
In the future I believe you will be able to send funds directly to PEO. This is a tax deductible contribution..
Who would of thunk??
I'm heading to the lake for a couple of days.
Happy Birthday to Jawon who will be 5
And to Brent Nichols who will be ?!@#@!??????
God Bless
Happy Trails


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