Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Moriah had a little problem with that left eye again, but it cleared up in a couple of days. She seems to be fighting a little bit of a cold (who isn't) but doesn't appear to be serious at this point. Her big brown eyes are still open a lot. Other than that not a lot new with her condition. Still looks good and hangin tough.

March 1st Mary's birthday
"When sundown pails the sky, I wanna hide awhile behind your smile,
Help me to leave my blues behind."
Donavon Leitch "Catch the Wind"

Friday March 2nd we will be gathering at The Vine in Coralville. I guess you can call this Dale's change of scenery get together. Any one is welcome, if you can, stop by and say Hi!!

Due to the weather my actual date of changing scenery has been delayed. I plan to take some time off and will start at the Cedar Rapids store on Monday 3-12. But who knows??

Old friends
New friends
Good friends
God bless all of you


Blogger Susan Torgerson McLemore said...

Hey, Dale. Just letting you know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and especially now with birthdays and milestones at the forefront. God's blessing on you all.
Susan Torgerson McLemore and Family

3:29 AM  

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