Thursday, January 25, 2007


Moriah has looked good on all my visits this week. No major medical issues at this time. Her left eye is still not quite 100%, but she has had her eyes open almost all the time during the day. She seems to respond occasionally to voices and touches. Man what a battle.

I checked out the movie "We are Marshall" I guess I now have a different perspective on loss. Escpecially when it's sudden and unexpected. It's a great story about what winning is really all about. Very touching.

Well this morning I decided to hit the random button on my I tunes program and see what song I came up with. Here it is

When this world's got me feeling low
I don't need nowhere else to go
Cuz I get all the love I need
From three little girls
In the garden collecting snails
Or on the bed readin fairy tails
I get all I ever need from three little girls

Cuz my worlds was sad and weary
All my days were winding down
Then you showed me a better way
My three little girls

Lord you put me to the test
Lead me through the wilderness
Then you showed me a brighter day

Mary Alice (inserted 3 different names)
Moriah Leigh
Danielle Christine
You take my breath away
My three little girls

Written by J.J. Cale with Eric Clapton
From the Album Road to Escondido

Wow not what I was expecting
Have a great weekend
Go Hawk's!!!!!!!! Hopefully they will beat the Badgers cuz I'll be there.

God's Peace


Blogger Jennifer Sergeant said...

Dale-Just wanted to let you know that a huge Christian dance studio in Eldridge, IA is still praying for and asking all the time about Moriah. Pre-school ages up to high school students. Remain blessed and may Christ keep you in perfect peace!! :)
Jennifer Sergeant
Quad Cities, IA
(friend of Hilah Owen)

9:03 AM  

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