Thursday, December 14, 2006


I got a couple of squeezes out of Moriah's hand this morning so that was cool. Who knows?? Keep the faith. She still looks good and even had some ear rings in this week. Thanks girls!
I continue to visit her just about on a daily basis. Many thanks to all of you who have visited her also. Special thanks to Connie Betcher for the Christmas tree.

We're planning a Memorial/Prayer/Inspirational service to honor Mary and Moriah, the week after Christmas. I will get you the details when we have finalized the plans. It will be held at the church. If you have any ideas or would like to say something or speak, please let me know.

Kathy Baack, Mary's good friend from high school and one of her bridesmaids has been diagnosed with a pretty wide spread case of cancer. Please keep her and Darwin and their family in your prayers.

My pain and problems keep me chained
And my troubled heart makes me weak
I'll wait for You to comfort me
And in You I know I'll find my strength

Third Day Song ,Eagles Album, Wherever You Are

God Bless
Keep the Faith
Don't give up the fight
Yah Mon


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