Thursday, December 28, 2006


What a day yesterday was. I will, once I get everything together, post on the blog a synapsis of the service last night. It was quite an emotional experience for me and many others also. Moriah made an appearance at the service, which was very cool. Thank you Windmill Manor. Thank you also to Hills Bank and to the family of Hawkeye Harry Robbins for providing the Roses. What a great group of people. Many thanks to Pastor Dave and Rex for their support and leading the service.

Not anything new to report on Mojo, she seemed to handle the trip to Church well. We hope to do more of this type of thing, so who knows where she might show up. They were concerned with some congestion in her lungs, but a trip to good ol UIHC and some tests came up negative.

"It's hard to seperate a boy from the Blues""
John Prine

I didn't ask Maureen one of Moriah's best friends if I could post this but I'm going to go ahead and do it. Cuz Maureen's in Costa Rica, having a good time I'm sure.

Maureen's favorite things about Moriah

The way she walks into a room knowing she is one of the most beautiful women in the room.

She does not care what people think of her.

Moriah can talk me into anything but never pressure me.

Moriah leaves voicemails that start with, "Hey Mo, it's Mo."

Moriah supports all of my decisions even if they aren't the best decisions because she has faith I will land on my feet.

Moriah can make friends with anyone! Just the two of us would go out with the sole purpose of making new friends.

She holds my hand during hard times and jumps for joy when life is good.

Moriah's laugh fills a room. I can still hear it and often think, "Moriah would love to be here and I would love her to be here too."

Moriah is the glue of our friendships.

Though my faith and strength have waned over this year, I know Moriah's hasn't and this keeps me going.

You have a choice to be bitter or better.

How cool is that??
God Bless you Maureen.



Blogger Angela Hodges said...

Dale, thank you for holding this wonderful memorial for Mary and healing service for Moriah. Mark and I came there with the hope of providing some comfort, and you ended up comforting and inspiring us. We keep learning so much as we go down this path with you.

Much love,
Angela and Mark

8:16 AM  

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