Friday, December 22, 2006


Not a lot new with Mojo. She still looks good and has had her eyes open most of the time. I did seem to get her to move her left arm a couple of times on Monday. She seems to know what's going on but it's very hard to tell as her responses are inconsistent. Many, Many thanks to all of you who keep visiting her. It means a ton.

The memorial/prayer service is set for Wednesday Evening 12-27-06 at 6:30 p.m. at Christ the King!! Lutheran Church in Iowa City. It is located at the corner of Mormon Trek Blvd and Melrose Avenue. If anyone would like to say a few words or share a story about Mary and Moriah or our family please let me know.
We're also going to plant a cross at the accident site around 4 o'clock or so on Wednesday the 27th. Anyone is welcome. You can park in the parking lot to the west of 965 and walk over. This is of course weather permitting.

I'll be out of town for Christmas with my family. Hope to see many of you next week. Again I can be reached at 319 400 4423.

Have a blessed Christmas.


Blogger Kathy Baack said...

Thank you for your kind words and prayers. You and Moriah are never far from my mind. I pray daily that she will improve and take the next step towards recovery. You are in my heart and prayers this Christmas season. I'll be thinking of you Wednesday as you celebrate their lives. You more than anyone has been an inspiration for me. Your faith and strength helps and encourages me to face my battles. God bless you and your girls.
Kathy Baack

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