Thursday, February 01, 2007


I spent most of yesterday with Moriah and a trip to the podiatrist. She had to have a couple of in grown toenails taken care of. It went very well and she did great. She had plenty of blood flow in her toes which is a good sign that her circulation is ok. They were a little concerned about how the procedure would heal, but afterwards the doc was pleased with how it went. She continues to look good and every once in awhile I think she's going to start talking to me. Boy wouldn't that be great. As usual, many thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts.

My streak of watching the Hawkeye basketball team winning has come to an end. I even brought in my brother as a ringer from Wisconsin, but that didn't help. Stewie you get bragging rights for now.

I'm working on stepping out of my current position with Menards. I will most likely stay working at the store but in a different capacity. I'll have 30 years in at the end of March. I suppose that doesn't count as quitting. I've got some big plans for the year which include travel and building a house. It's just hard for me to believe that I'm doing this by myself. I guess we never know what the Lord has in store for us.

Jawon and I hung out last weekend and as usual he wore me out but we had a great time. His quote of the weekend.
Hey Dale where to Mandarin oranges come from??
Well let's see, looks like they are product of China.
Hey Dale do you know how to get to China?
No I don't
Well you take a left and keep driving until you get there.
I didn't realize it was quite that easy!

Words can't say everything that's why there's music.

Hope you are all enjoying your tunes.

Take Care
God Bless


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