Thursday, July 19, 2007


We're still battling the wheelchair. Kind of a long story, but hopefully we will have a new chair for her shortly and we can get her in it more often. We have started Moriah on Ambien, which as you probably know is a sleeping pill. There has been some limited success with this in coma patients. They don't know why it works but the theory is that it puts the patient in some form of a sleep and wake cycle. It does appear at times that Mo doesn't sleep too well, so hopefully this will help her at least be more comfortable. One day at a time. Just keep prayin for us.

My last day at work is tomorrow. I guess I would say that I'm somewhere between excited and apprehensive. It's never easy to leave something that you've put 30 years into. Most of August will be spent at the lake and in Iowa City and hopefully a trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Hope to see you along the way. I'll try to keep you up to date as to what I will be doing. I've got a few trips planned and hope to relax both physically and mentally and sort out what I will do in the future. Again I thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Please remember the Trumbull family in your prayers, former Galway Hills neighbors as they face Ray's fight with cancer.

"I want to be like Jesus Christ, keep the party movin, and give good advice"
Bob Schneider

Pay it forward
God Bless


Blogger Susan Torgerson McLemore said...

Best wishes to you, Dale. Always keeping you and your girls in our prayers.

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