Monday, January 09, 2006

Mojo 1-09-06

Every morning and every evening
Everday I think of you
The way you love me through and through
When I'm with you
It feels like heaven
You're an angel holding me
You're sweet sweet lovin
It sets me free
And in my wildest imagination
I could never imagine you
Lovin me as much as I do you

Keb Mo "Every Morning"
Album Keb Mo
Buy it you won't be disappointed
Thanks to Matt Lawrence for exposing me to Keb many years ago.

Well not a lot new today. Moriah is still off of the ventilator so that is good. She has a new brace on to protect her neck fracture. It looks like now that they will not do surgery. But that could change. Most likely she will move rooms tomorrow or the following day and will receive more care towards recovery. She still looks great, so please keep praying.

I went to work today, kind of strange and good at the same time. What a great crew I have. I felt like I was in the way a little bit. Then off to the lawyers (joy) and then a bunch of other crap that I would rather not have to deal with but it's gotta be done.

I never thought I would have to change my w4 to single and change my insurance coverage, but what a curve ball that's been thrown. I only hope I can stand in the box and take one for the team. I can not tell all of you how much I miss Mary. I know the pain will lessen but the memories and my love for her will never subside.

For those of you who haven't looked up Websters first definition of fine, here it is,
of superior or best quality; of highest grade; excellent; fine wine. For those of you who heard the sermon now you know. Next time you have a glass of wine, raise your glass and toast Mary and Moriah

Thanks to Katie, Maureen, and Danny You know who you are thanks for being their for Moriah, It means a ton.


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