Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Moriah visited the UIHC yesterday for a CT scan and review with her Neuro Surgeon. Unfortunately I do not have anything positive to report. Her brain looks fairly normal and the shundt is working properly. The injury to her neck and lack of activity has caused a slight bend in her head position. Not much visible damage to the brain from the pictures. Basically she's still stuck. I continue to pray that the Lord will take care of her.

Cody and Luke Nichols and "Uncle Dale" above
I had a busy week of travel and visits. Started with my Mom and Dad in Eau Claire along with brother Jim and his family.

Then it was on to St Cloud to visit sister Sus and family and a get together with Mary's sister Jayne and husband Ron and old friends Joe and Cindy Helm. We were joined by Kathy Baack who is and old friend of Jayne and Mary's and was in both of our wedddings. Great to see all of you.

Then I headed for Lake Ada and a weekend with friends Harry and Lois Robbins and other members of the Lake Ada neighborhood. Fishing was quiet but I did manage a 4 inch Northern! And oh yeah the Harriet Club still rocks!!!

I was planning on spending more time in Minnesota but my plans changed due to some appointments for Moriah. So I hope to see you on my next trip North.

I picked up Jawon Sunday in St Paul and headed back to Iowa City. We will head to the Lake on Thursday for some fun.

I lift up my eyes to the hills--where does my help come from?

Psalm 121 v1

Keep the Faith.




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