Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Survival is easy

"Survival is easy
It's living that's hard
It takes a lot of courage
To be who you are"
Marshall Chapman

If you see this I'm driving down the road.

Danielle and I in Philly

Ahhhhhhhhh! Champagne(Apple Juice)

Good cake Jawon?
@ Sarah(Robbins) and David Morgan's wedding

Moriah's trip to the eye clinic went pretty well. Her eyes tested out as normal as far as response to light, dialation, etc. Hopefully this is good news. She also has had some problems with pressure in her left eye which also checked out as normal. We can't really tell if she can see as that would be a function of the brain and the only way we would know would be for her to confirm it. Unfortunately we don't have that as of yet. She'll get her eyes retested in 6 weeks to see if there are any changes. She's also having a couple minor problems with her skin(rash) but hopefully that will not be anything too serious. I spent about five hours with her today and she seemed quite comfortable. We are getting new parts for her chair next week(finally) and that should help her posture while sitting up in the chair.

If you care to check out the house that Mary and I bought at Lake of the Ozarks(or want to buy it) click on the link below and then click the virtual tour icon. You'll see her touch in every room.
Keep prayin loud or soft . Keep these friends in your prayers
Deb Reefer(family friend)
Pat Ford(one of my legal advisors)
Both are fighting serious illness.
Keep the Faith
God Bless


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