Sunday, November 11, 2007

11-11-07 Thank You Veterans

Fall in the Ozarks

Dale, can't you read?

Ryan and Myself near the highest point in Missouri.

Morning has broken.

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

Window wall at the new house.

Ryan and I had a great week in the Ozarks. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. The hiking was great. The colors were great. The concert with the Daredevils was probably one of the best musical experiences ever (for me). They sounded great in a very small, intimate environment. They played several songs I had never heard live before including "Beauty In The River" Wow, lots of goosebumps. What a cool venue. Brought back a ton of good memories. We had to cut our trip a little short as I had to return to Iowa City as Moriah was thought to have had an ear infection. So another trip to the hospital but it turned out to be nothing serious. We have a couple of new supports for her chair so that problem appears to have finally been corrected. She finally sits up a little straighter and looks more comfortable. She continues to be somewhat alert at times but no major changes. We will be returning to the hospital for a follow up visit on her eyes in a couple of weeks . Keep on prayin!
The house project is moving along. Should look like a different place in a couple of more weeks. I'll be heading down for a few days this week to finish the decks. Hopefully I'll be in by Christmas.
"I've been walking on the ground waitin for the guns to quit,
I've been walkin on the ground waitin for the pieces to fit"
John Dillon OMD
Stay in touch
God Bless


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