Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back to work

Yeah I went back to work today. I''ll be working in the Iowa City store as a sales rep in the Commercial/Contractor department. Another step back towards reality I guess.

I had a good Thanksgiving weekend with Jawon and my parents in Eau Claire Wi. Also got to see old St Cloud friends Kevin and Mary Dahl and family. Then met friends Harry and Grant Robbins and John and Tim Couchman to watch the Minnesota High School Football Championship at the Metro(roller)Dome in Minneapolis. I think these 5A schools could give the Hawkeyes and Gophers a run for their money. Then off to St Cloud to see my sister Sue and family and a surprise birthday(50th) for Jayne(Mary's sister). Lots of fun. Then off to Owatonna on the way home to see old friend Rob Hagen and watch the Vikes win big?? Who are these guys?? Anyway a busy but very fun and productive trip.

This past weekend my parents traveled to Iowa City and we holed up during the storm on Saturday. On Sunday the benefit for Mary's scholarship fund went well. Don't have the final totals but looks like we raised close to 2000.00 $$$$$$$$$$$ So that's very cool. My heartfelt thanks to Mojo's friend Sarah Lepp who volunteered to play the piano for this event. Thank you so much. What a talent you have, It was also good to see your parents. God Bless your family.

I was supposed to return to work on Monday but Mojo must have known I was a little apprehensive about that and decided to get me out of a couple of days. Monday was pretty rough. She was rushed to the Hospital early Monday morning due to some bleeding and an unknown source. When I arrived she looked pretty tough but after they found the source and got her cleaned up she looked pretty good. A couple of edgy hours and I pretty much fell apart in the ER. So the EMT helps calm me down and then tells me she was driving the ambulance the day of the accident. Wow I guess it was one of those moments where everything hits you. So after a couple of probably somewhat unintelligble phone calls my friend Mark Kamps shows up and spends the afternoon in the hospital room with me. Thanks Max!! Anyway it turned into a pretty productive visit as we were able to fit in a couple of future appointments and procedures that will save us some trips in the future. Also all the staff at UIHC were great!!!

So back to work on Wednesday.
check this link out if your tired of saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas
Thanks Mick and Marg

Everyday is a struggle with a triumph at the end for making it through.
Thanks for all your help and prayers
God Bless
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Kathy Baack said...

Thank you Dale for your prayers. I too pray every night for Moriah, Danielle and you. Your strength and faith have helped me carry on with this journey that I must now take. Thank you for the courage you have shown me. Your faith is amazing.

Kathy Baack

5:04 PM  
Blogger Emily Lawin said...

You have the most amazing strength. We are praying for you 3. You are in our hearts and prayers!

-Emily Lawin

8:09 AM  

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