Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Adversity Introduces A Man to Himself. Very true words.

It brings a tear into my eyes
When I begin to realize
I've cried so much Since you've been gone
I guess I'm drowning in my own tears
I know it's true into each life some rain must pour
I'm so blue here without you
It keeps raining more and more
Ray Charles Drowning In My Own Tears

Your assignment for today(should you choose to accept it) is to read Romans 5 vs 1 thru 5 and then tell me your thoughts. If you so choose.

Mark Kamps mother passed away this morning. As many of you know Mark has been a great help to me during this time. Mark and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. What great friends you and Angela have been. May God comfort you.

Moriah had another very good day today!!! I spent a couple hours with her this morning. The therapists had her sitting up on the bed which was cool. She looked so much more alive. She also opened her eyes slightly again for several minutes while I was in there. The therapists said that her muscle tone is very good. She continues to move alot and moved her right arm several times while I was there. This is good as she has mainly moved her left arm in the past. One of the nurses called me later this afternoon to tell me she was moving rooms(again) and that she had opened her eyes and kept them open for several minutes. May God's grace continue this path to recovery. She is now on 8JC that's floor 8 John Colloton Pavilion. Still use elevator H. I don't know the room number at this time. We are starting to look for rehab locations which probably will not be in Iowa City. I will let you know when and where. It's going to involve some traveling. Again this is a long uphill climb so please hang in there with me. I couldn't do it without all of your prayers and help. If a man is measured by the quality of his friends, I am in great shape!!

Congratulations to Grant and Heather Robbins on the birth of their first child. Grandpa Harry!!
Grandma Lois!! Cyclone or Hawkeye??? Hope to see you all in the fall for tailgating.

Sonny Boy Williamson once said
You talk about your woman, I wish you could see mine
Every time she starts lovin, she brings eyesight to the blind!!!!!!

Love ya all
God Bless


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