Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Fathers day to all the Dad's out there. Locally I think we're a little pre-occupied with some other things.

Moriah is still confined to her bed. She will see the doc tomorrow so hopefully we'll be able to start getting her back up in her chair soon. She looked pretty good this morning when I visited her. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Here's some pics of Coralville and Iowa City. What a mess. It's gonna be a long road to recovery for a lot of people.

The Wig and Pen, home of the flying tomato

The Vine on the strip

Finkbine golf course in the lower left
U of I softball fields
intersection of 1st ave and the strip in Coralville

Hills bank in south Iowa City

My friend Mark Kamps office is in the upper right hand corner across from the treatment plant

U of I softball field
across the street is Old Chicago
No more Tuesday nights for awhile

Part of the strip
Mondo's down on the left

Days Inn on Coralville on the left

Got this one twice

The pedestrian bridge by Iowa River Power. Jawon and I go here to watch the Eagles

More of the Coralville Strip
Mondo's is in the center

City Park
I wonder what Bill Shakespeare would have to say about all of this??

This is where my friends and I hangout. There is probably another 6 feet of water here currently

The Heartland Inn

The Coralville Resevoir. The water went over the spill way which is on the left for only the second time in history.

The Orange roof is where Mark's office is.

Enough said I guess

Things can be replaced. Friends and family can't.
God Bless
Hang in there everyone.


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