Sunday, February 10, 2008


Moriah had a better week this week. She looked good and seemed to have a bit more alertness in her eyes. In spite of this her medical condition is getting more complicated. We will be doing a bone density test in a couple of weeks to determine if there are any signs of osteo breakdown. Her skin remains pretty good but the Doctor's continue to have a concern with this due to some bruises and that spot on her arm from a couple of weeks ago. That has disapated. Medicine's continue to be a concern as to how much her body will tolerate, but as of yet she hasn't had any major reactions to any of the medicine that she is on. All of the things they tell you could happen with some one in her condition is of concern. Inactivity is her enemy. She does however have her age on her side. Again that's the short version so just keep on praying!!

Please say a prayer for the family of Julie Baird. Julie lost her battle with cancer a week ago. She was a member of our church here in Iowa City and lived in Urbandale for the past 7 years. I pray that God will give Mark and his boys comfort.

Jawon's picture from Dayton's Cross Elementary School in St Paul, Mn.
Student of the Month for January!!!!!!!!!
When I asked him how he did it he said he
Worked really hard
Paid attention
And helped everyone else.
Pretty good advice I'd say. Way to go little buddy!!

Don't you want to be there?
Don't you want to go?
Where the light is breaking and the cold clear winds blow.

Don't you to be there?
In the golden glow?
With your arms out
Let out a shout
Take you across the sky
Don't you want to be there?
When your times gone by?

Times there was love all around you
Time you were strong and alone
Times you believed love had found you
And you fell through time like a stone
And those you have wronged you know
You need to let them know some way
Those you have wronged
You'll have to let them go some day

Don't you want to be there?
Don't you want to cry?
When you see how far to go to be where forgiveness rules?
Instead of where you are?

Don't you want to be there?
Don't you want to know?
Where the grace and simple truths of childhood go?

Don't you want to be there?
When the trumpets blow?
Blow for those born into hunger
Blow for those lost beneath the train
Blow for those choking in anger
Blow for those driven insane

Don't you want to be there?
Don't you want to see when the Angels appear?

Don't you want to be where there's strength and love?
Instead of fear?

Jackson Brown "Don't you want to be there?" from the great album "The Naked Ride Home"

Don't want to get on a soap box, but there's some pretty good stuff out there in what some call the "secular" world.

God Bless
Keep the Faith
Pray loud or soft


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