Monday, January 14, 2008


our 2007 Christmas card, sorry it's late. I hope to get the rest of them out this week.

funny hat night at the Olshansky's

new duds for Christmas

No major changes with Moriah. She has looked ok the past couple of weeks. My apologies for waiting so long for an update. We did get approval to put her back on ambien which I think is a good thing. Even though it hasn't produced any dramatic results it does seem to allow her to rest better at night and retain more of a sleep/wake cycle. They are also doing some therapy out of the chair a couple of days a week which is good. The therapists think that this is helping and express that they have seen some minor improvements but I can't say that I've noticed anything. I'm not sure where I signed up for all of this but I continue to be comforted by all my family and friends. Man, what a trip.
Danielle had a good visit and made it back to Philly in one piece in spite of an extra night in Ohio due to an alternator issue(Jessica!!). We had Jawon for New Years week and had a great time. He continues to amaze me by his perception of life.
"Hey Dale, wouldn't it be cool if everday was a holiday?"
Yes it would.
"Hey Dale, how do you run for President?"
Uhhh I'm not sure, but I'll bet you could win the debate.

Nothing major coming up. The house in Missouri is pretty much done. Just a few minor details to wrap up. I spent the weekend after New Years at the lake with 65 to 70 degree weather which was nice. Can't wait for spring.
God Bless
Keep prayin loud or soft.

So much sorrow
So much pain
But still I will not live in vain
Like a question never asked
Is wisdom wasted on the past?
Only by the grace of God
Go I Go I
"Ben Harper"


Blogger Susan Torgerson McLemore said...

Thanks for the update, Dale. You and your precious family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

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