Thursday, January 12, 2006


oops, you might see a blank one I think I hit the wrong button

Anyway, nothing reall new with Moriah. Her condition remains the same. She did flutter her eye at me a little bit so I am hoping and praying it's a sign of things to come. They still are waiting to put the stindt in her cartoid artery. Other than that nothing new. She still looks like she could wake up at anytime.

Kind of a tough day as it is all starting to set in. Its the little things. I think you all know what I mean. Keep praying and fighting for Moriah.

Don't forget the benefit at Hills Bank in Coralville on the 20th. It's Moriah's birthday also!!!

One little piece of advice. If you don't have a will, go get one tomorrow. As big of a mess as I have right now, if we wouldn't have had wills it would be much worse and take much longer to settle the estate. I know you don't want to think about such crap, but go get it done.

This is from J.J. Cale one of my favorite artists. He's not well know but has written many songs that other artists have made hits. He is a humble private man and never sought the limelight or fame. Another lesson for us.
This is called "You keep me hanging on" It's imposible for me to listen to this without crying.

Everytime I stop awhile
I think about your sweet smile
I can't think of nothin else all day

The way that you wink your eye
everytime you walk by
Baby what can I say
You keep me hanging on
I can't think of nothin else all day

When the evening rolls around
And their ain't nobody around
Baby I think of you

Of all the stars at night
None can match the brilliant light
That I see in your eyes

If I could hold you just one time
Stop that moment in my mind
Baby I still think of you
You keep me hangin on

Thank you Mary and Moriah for all the great memories



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