Saturday, July 12, 2008


No changes to report in Moriah's condition. She remains confined to her bed at this time. She is also battling a bit of a bronchial issue of some kind. Please keep us in your prayers. We need them now more then ever.

Danielle's trip home and graduation ceremony went well. Great night, great location, great weather, and beautiful people. I am so PROUD of her. Getting this done after all that has happened I think is quite an accomplishment. Thanks to all of you that showed up or sent a card or gave a phone call.

I had a great couple of weeks from a concert standpoint as I got to cross off a couple of musicians from my list of seeing them live. Of course a couple of weeks ago was Watermelon Slim. The night Danielle flew in we went to the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest in Davenport. We were joined by Danielle's friends Matt and Jessica and my friends Brian and Darlene. I think the youngsters actually had a good time. So anyway saw Elvin Bishop and had a great time.

"Elvin Bishop's sittin on a bale of hay,
he ain't good lookin but he sure can play"
Charlie Danielle's(ha ha)

"Boy sure is a nice day out today
I believe I'll go out in the garden
Dig me up some worms
And go Fishin!

"Some folks say that fishin on a Sunday's a sin"
I don't believe in that,
If a fish bites my line on Sunday
I'm gonna reel him on in!!
Elvin Bishop

Uncle Ron, Aunt Jayne, Danielle

Looks like Cody's havin a good time!

Miranda, Danielle, Jessica, Matt

Man, now I can get some rest!

Danielle and Proud Papa
Down the road
God Bless


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