Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Watermelon Slim!!!!

Moriah's sore on her bottom is looking a lot better and the Doctor and Nurses are confident that we're not far from getting her back up in the chair. Hope their right.

I had an absolute great treat this past weekend as I ran into Watermelon Slim at a watering hole in Osage Beach. I have listened to a lot of tunes in the past and especially the past couple of years and Watermelons music has been a great part of the therapy, relief etc. Many of you know my affection for the blues and they don't get any better than this. Watermelon Slim and the Workers won best Blues Album and Best Blues band of the year at the Blues Music awards this past year. To see them in this venue overlooking the lake was way cool. And no crowd!! Anyway I won't bore you with the details but it was a pretty cool evening. Also he asked that we say a prayer for his daughter so please do so. Check out his bio at watermelonslim.com. He is a true American with an affection for the working man. An extraordinary man(Mensa) maybe a bit smarter than me. My apologies if none of this makes any sense to you.

Hope to see many of you this weekend.
Check out Elvin Bishop Thursday night in Davenport at the Mississippi Blues Fest
God Bless
Happy 4th

Sorry Charlie Musselwhite but this guy is good!!

me and my new Watermelon fans
not sure who the dude in the back is

Watermelon Slim and Bald Guy Slim


Hard Times

That's a big dog


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