Friday, January 13, 2006

update 1-13-06 full moon Friday the 13th!!!

Remember when Peter Finch stuck his head out the window in the movie "Network" and yelled
"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more" Sometimes I feel like that. OK now I feel better.

Fly like an eagle up to the sky
Fly like an eagle to the heavens high
In this up and downs Going round and round
Life keeps going on, time goes by
When your time comes around
Let nothing hold you down
You can spread your wings and fly!!!!!!

Jimmy Cliff Soar Like an Eagle Album Hanging Fire
I like to think of Jimmy as the God father of Reggae, he set the stage for Marley and all who followed. Check out his song "Many Rivers to Cross" if you get the chance. It speaks to all the challenges that we face.

Moriah continues to be stable and all her vitals are excellent. They are going to do a procedure on her on Saturday to get rid of some of the fluid on the brain. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but everything has a slight risk. Hopefully this is another step towards recovery.. Hopefully this will work because the other alternatives are much more dangerous. She continues to have the best tunes in SICU!!!!!!!! Actually I think she has the only tunes in SICU. We have also seen some movements that are somewhat new so please KEEP THE FAITH. Your prayers and words give us strength. I want her back so bad.

A lot of you are asking as to how can I do this or where does it come from. Frankly it's not me! It's the spirit of Mary, Moriah, and all my friends and family. In other words IT"S YOU!!!!! It just kind of flows and happens. I can't really explain it. But in a weird way I have some inner peace that I have never had before. God has blessed me again!!! I still continue to cry and laugh every day. I guess Valvano was right.

With life's little doubts, They keep coming round
Carry on Carry on
With darkness all around you want to scream and shout
Carry on Carry on
Don't cry baby look at where you've been
Everybody knows you just need a friend
Please, Please, Please, go down on your knees(and pray)
Carry on Carry on
When your head is full of doubts and you can't figure it out
Carry on Carry on
Between the time it takes to make all those mistakes
It don't matter what you say or do
It just seems to work out if you want it to
Let out all the slack, take it off your back
Carry on Carry on

The incomparable J.J. Cale


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