Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Last Post

"Now pardon me if I appear
To see beyond the now and here
To try and save myself
I could lose myself,
I could curse like hell
But I've lost the will to even try
If you ever doubt listen to the sound
No LiesThis is my last Goodbye"

"The Soul would have no Rainbow if the Eyes had no Tears"

Friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.
George Washington

I guess I really don't know where to start. But I'll give it a try. I don't want anyone to forget why this blog was originally started. It was a way to communicate with all of you on the condition and progress of Moriah after the accident. Unfortunately the progress never turned into what we had hoped and prayed for. I don't close this down lightly but I just feel it's the best thing to do. I would like to dedicate this post not only to Moriah and Mary, but to all of you that hung in there with me the past few years. To my friends and family I thank you. To all of you that have prayed for us, May God Bless You. Over the past few years the thought of Goodbye has been very difficult for me. I've cried many tears while saying goodbye because the reality is it might be the last one. As many of you know music has been one of my escapes throughout all of this and I hope that you have enjoyed the lyrics that I have shared with you. I guess music has been a form of prayer and thought for me. It has been a form of grief but also a form of celebration. Many times I've listened to a song that brings some tears and I think, why do I listen to this and why do I do this to myself. I guess that's why they invented the blues, so that triumph and celebration would have something to be compared to. I also had this thought after looking through lots and lots of pictures how much time I've spent fishing. So I thought I'd share some fishing pictures with you. It seems to me that it's not about fishing, but about spending time with our friends and family. To me there aren't many things better than being on or near water. One of Mary's requirements for a vacation or retirement place was water. I am forever grateful for that. It also gives us a connection to the outdoors and nature and the beauty of this world. Oh well sorry to pontificate. I started putting these pics together and had to minimize it to an acceptable level. As you know I usually have very little to say so here's the pics.

My favorite fishing partner

Claude and Dale after a day on Lake of the Ozarks

Mary's bud Dar with Jawon. That's Brian and me in the boat in the background. Fishin of course.

My first Marlin Cabo San Lucas

Laird and son Dusty with Dorado off the coast of Cabo

Caught this whopper with friend Harry Robbins off my dock at Lake of the Ozarks

One of my favorite pics. Mary took this on our last trip together to the Lake

Laird and I with Rooster Cabo San Lucas

My big brother Jim, on the prairie in South Dakota

Brother Ryan with the fish
and me

South Dakota

My first Northern at Earls' Cabin

Sylvan Lake Minnesota

Ooooh Nice fish,

and pants,

On the dock Lake of the Ozarks

Uncle Erv and Walleye

Pond fishin in South Dakota, one of my favorite things in the entire World. I am a product of the Prairie.

Cousin Steve, Uncle Lloyd, Cousin Mark, My Dad, yours truly.

Danielle''s first fish Lake Okoboji

Home pond and Church on the Hill

South Dakota

With friend Kevin Dahl and the Shimano fishing team. South Dakota

Should have gone to Hollywood

Friends Donna, Bill, Laird, Me,

Sandy and Mary

Mazatlan Mexico

Laird and Dale

Red Snapper


Jawon and I

Lake of the Ozarks

Claude, Moriah, Cousin Brian

at The Rez

Hills Minnesota

Jawon contemplating what to do with this fish. Name him?? Keep Him?? Eat Him?? Throw him back?? Floppy went back into the water

Claude and a couple of Colorado River Stripers, Lake Havasu AZ


Jawon and sister with Ariah and his first fishin pole

Laird and Dale


Lake of the Ozarks

Jawon with the bait

"The Gods do not deduct from Man's alloted time on Earth, the hours spent fishing"

Egyptian Proverb

Blue Cat

Lake of the Ozarks

"I know it's true
I'm living proof
This Road is long and hard
If I could find a way
I'd take your place, but you just
Got to Live ON!!
LIVE ON!!!!"


Well that's it for now. I'll leave this open for awhile for comments etc.

It is not I
It is you
It is you that I receive my motivation from
It is you that I receive my strength from
It is you that inspires me
It is my faith that guides me
It was easier when I knew nothing
For what a fool I once was
And even though I have learned so much
It is much harder now that I have lost so much
But it is you
Not me
Without you
I would be lost and weak
So may Gods grace
Continue to give you
The strength
That you
So unselfishly
Give to me
Where would I be without all of you??
Hope to see you down the road
God Bless
Keep prayin LOUD or soft.
James C4 V8

Thursday, March 19, 2009


My apologies that it's been so long since my last posting. I will be doing a final posting of the blog this weekend, so stay tuned for that. I will keep it open for comments etc but then I plan on shutting it down completely. I guess it's time to move along. In the future you can reach me at facebook or at I did want to let everybody know that the marker for Mary and Moriah's burial site at Oakhill Cemetary should be installed shortly. I hope and pray that all is well with all of you. Please keep Mary's mother Verna in your prayers as she suffered a heart attack this morning.
Down the Road!
Keep prayin, LOUD or soft
God Bless
I will not be returning my bonus to the taxpayers!!!!