Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Mary's Plaque has been installed. We will try to have a get together and dedication at a later date. Feel free to stop by and take a look. It is located by the sidewalk to West High between Melrose Meadows and the Mormon Church just off of Dublin.

Mary's cross and Moriah's Medallion.

Not a lot new with Moriah. She remains in basically the same state as the past few months. Still looks pretty good and has her eyes open most of the time while I'm there. We're going to get her eyes checked at UIHC in a few weeks. Evidently they can tell us if she can see, and to what degree. Again I thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

On the Road Again

I will be gone a lot in the next few weeks so if you don't see a posting don't get too alarmed. I'll be heading to Cabo for a fishing trip with my good friend Laird and then to Pennsylvania to see the Hawkeyes at Penn State and on to Philly to see Danielle. A couple of short turn arounds and up to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a wedding and some fishing.(Maybe I'll catch my first Muskie)

If you care to, give me a call @3194004423 depending on cell phone coverage of course. I'd love to hear from you.

The Lord keeps showing my thy paths.

God Bless


"Is getting back to reality real?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Austin City Limits

note the sign on the truck or car?

70,000 of my new friends

How Ya'all doin?? What a trip! A great time was had by all as far as I could tell. The people were great the food was great and the music was even better. The amount of talent was amazing. I guess I'm a little slow sometimes but I think I figured out some of my connection to music and what it means. Years ago Johnny Cash said something like "God likes a southern accent and He tolerates country music and quite a bit of guitar." You know the music means somethin when the hair(what little I have) stands up on the back of your neck. Or your emotions are touched. Hard to explain but it helped me figure some things out. I would like to thank Bill Fulton for tolerating me for four days and bein a trooper. A while back he said if I bought tickets he'd go with so I held him to it. We had a great time. I would also like to thank the great Billy Joe Shaver who really touched my soul. His wasn't the greatest musical performance but by far the most touching. I was starting to kind of lose control of the ol tear ducts and thought maybe I was the only one, well I look around and see a bunch of people crying. He's had a tough go losing a son and wife, so I guess it just kind of hit me hard. So as Billy says hang in there and "Try and Try Again." One of those reinforcements of life's lessons I guess. Sorry for the pontification.

Top Ten or so things about the trip,

#1 Check your shoes before you leave so you don't have two left ones.

#2 "Hey Bill how come all those cars are heading towards us"

#3 Music is probably better than football, left at half time.

#4 Why are there all these cars with Texas plates? Oh Yeah Texas!

#5 Not everyone in Texas likes George Bush especially, oh never mind

#6 Watching Grace Potter sing and move and Hey Bill did you get her phone number yet?

#7 Cold beer is better than warm beer, Ziegenbach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#8 Billy Joe Shaver

#9 Getting free tickets from a new friend to go see Bob Schneider and the Bluegrass Explosion

#10 Sunday morning at the Gospel Tent

#11 The best Taco's in the World

#12 95 degrees isn't so bad

#12 Don't every stay at America's Best Inn

Acts we saw


Sahara Smith You sure she's only 18?

Asleep at The Wheel classic

Del McCoury and his band Top shelf Bluegrass

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones What is a synthaxe/drumitar?

Joss Stone, Surprised? We were just following the girls.

LCD Soundsystem What kind of music is that?? Kinda of grew on me.

James Hunter British R&B This man enjoys what he's doin

Reverand Horton Heat "It's martini time!"


A lighter schedule due to the fact we thought we'd watch some football, mistake.

Steve Earle He's the one that doesn't well, never mind.

Kelly Willis The Homecoming Queen of Austin an Angel's voice

Cross Canadian Ragweed.. Keep on Rockin in the Free World!!!

Then went to a club and saw Bob Schneider and the Bluegrass Explosion "Outstanding"


Started out at the Gospel Tent

Shields of Faith
Amy Cook
The Jones Family Singers

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Hey Bill you got that number yet?

Charlie Musselwhite Delta blues on the harmonica

Patterson Hood I like him better with Drive By Truckers

Rose Hill Drive good old Rock n Roll

Billy Joe Shaver What else can I say?

Ziggy Marley "Love is My Religion" Looks like a lot of people agree!

Bob Dylan and his Band sorry Bob, had to go.
I will put out another posting about Mo in the next few days. Take Care of yourself be careful and have some fun!!
God Bless
In this life of care and woe
I have traveled many roads
I've had my share of misery and pain
When I found my life was lost
In my heart I carved a cross
And sealed it with a song I'm liven to sing
Don't you worry about a thing
Jesus Christ is still the King
He has brought you from the darkness to the light
Don't you threaten don't you doubt
You will never be without
Don't you worry Jesus Christ is still the same
Laugh and Dance and Jump and run
Have yourself a world of fun
Jesus Christ has broke the chains and set you free
Be a light unto the world
All you little boys and girls
Keep on smilin, Jesus Christ is still the King!!!!!!
Jesus Christ is still the King by Billy Joe Shaver
"At times I'm a voice crying in the wilderness, but at times I'm right on the money and I know what I'm singing about. It's about sharing, praise, worship, wonder, and wisdom. So share in the joy here and maybe the rest will follow for all of us."
Johnny Cash
P.S. I've already entered the lottery for next years tickets, so if you're not doing anything in September?

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Some of you had requested a picture of Mojo, here you go. This is one of her High School graduation pictures.
We got her chair fixed, again. Hopefully she will be more comfortable in it now. She bit her lip again which happens occasionally. Other than that no changes in her condition. Please keep praying for us.
"Some lessons learned are hard, some are easy. The harder ones teach us what the easy ones can't."
"All the hollerin makes me wonder, does a whispered prayer get heard?"
Drive By Truckers
I will be heading out this week to Austin Texas for the Austin City Limits musicfest. 300 bands 8 stages. Should be a good time. Hopefully the Hawkeyes will stay undefeated while I'm gone.
Keep prayin, loud or soft.
God Bless
P.S. Happy Anniversary Mary. 9-8-79

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Hawkeye tailgate and the Chicago skyline





Nice finger, Sharon

Hawks take the field at Soldier Field in Chicago
Moriah seemed to have a little bit better week. She seemed a bit more alert and had better focus in her eyes. She did however break the head gear on her wheelchair again. Maybe she's trying to escape. Other than that no major changes in her condtions. Once again many thanks to those of you who have visited her and prayed for us. Don't underestimate the power of your actions. It means a great deal to me.

Labor Day weekend in Chicago was great. Went to the Cubs game on Friday, sat in the Bartman seats but couldn't get bring the Cubbies through as they got waxed by the Astro's. Visited Navy Pier that evening for dinner and the Hawkeye huddle. Then a evening of Jazz which was very cool.
Saturday visited the shores of Lake Michigan, the marina area, and a long walk to Soldier Field. Personally I liked the old stadium better, except for the benches. Great seats and the Hawks won ugly 16 to 3 over Northern Illinois.
Great City
Great Company
Stayed at the Burnham Hotel in downtown Chicago which I believe was the first steel and glass "skyscraper" built around the turn of the century. All 13 stories of it. If any of you have read "Devil in the White City" you would be familiar with this building and Charles Burnham, the chief architect of the buildings for the Chicago Worlds fair in 1894. Very Cool.

Taking it easy this week in Iowa City, then onto Austin, Tx next week for the Austin City Limits music festival.

"Make no little plans"
Charles H. Burnham

But there is a road to glory,
Somewhere hidden in the past,
Behind the door,
Behind the treasure,
Behind the mask.
"Road to Glory!" Ozark Mtn Daredevils

Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me my paths.
Psalm 25 v4

Hope you all are on the right road and hope to see you along the way.
God Bless