Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Survival is easy

"Survival is easy
It's living that's hard
It takes a lot of courage
To be who you are"
Marshall Chapman

If you see this I'm driving down the road.

Danielle and I in Philly

Ahhhhhhhhh! Champagne(Apple Juice)

Good cake Jawon?
@ Sarah(Robbins) and David Morgan's wedding

Moriah's trip to the eye clinic went pretty well. Her eyes tested out as normal as far as response to light, dialation, etc. Hopefully this is good news. She also has had some problems with pressure in her left eye which also checked out as normal. We can't really tell if she can see as that would be a function of the brain and the only way we would know would be for her to confirm it. Unfortunately we don't have that as of yet. She'll get her eyes retested in 6 weeks to see if there are any changes. She's also having a couple minor problems with her skin(rash) but hopefully that will not be anything too serious. I spent about five hours with her today and she seemed quite comfortable. We are getting new parts for her chair next week(finally) and that should help her posture while sitting up in the chair.

If you care to check out the house that Mary and I bought at Lake of the Ozarks(or want to buy it) click on the link below and then click the virtual tour icon. You'll see her touch in every room.
Keep prayin loud or soft . Keep these friends in your prayers
Deb Reefer(family friend)
Pat Ford(one of my legal advisors)
Both are fighting serious illness.
Keep the Faith
God Bless

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Romans 5 vs 1-5

I still keep my hope.

Nothing really new with Mo. We have an appointment next week that will check her vision, so that will be interesting to see what the results are. She's looked pretty good on my last couple of visits. We're still having a little bit of a battle with her chair and trying to get something that will fit her better. I ask that we remain in your prayers.

I put on about 3000 miles the past few weeks and have only stopped by my place in Coralville for a few short stops. The Pennsylvania trip went well(other than the football game) and Danielle says Hi to everyone. Stopped by to see some old neighbors the Foresters and the Hoshis. A trip to Minneapolis for the Robbins wedding and a day with Jawon and then onto my brothers cabin near Hayward, Wi. Spent a couple of days in Eau Claire with my folks.

My plans for this weekend changed as one of Mary's Aunt's passed away(Leona) so I'll be checking out the concert tonight in Iowa City with a couple of last minute replacements. Jayne(Mary's sister) and husband Ron were coming down and then onto the lake but they are staying in Minnesota for the funeral. My prayers are with the Hanson's.

I'll be heading down to the lake this weekend. The house is progressing. Interior doors and trim have started and the flooring should start soon. I've decided to put up the other lake house for sale. It's been a hard decision but I think it's the best. It's been a tough place to go to and tough place to leave as many great times and memories are there. It's tough for me to sit on the dock and not see Mary up on the deck. A great time was had there by all.

Please put December 2nd on your calendar.. Sarah Lepp a childhood friend of Moriah's will be performing a piano recital at our church. It will be at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Sarah is a music student at the University of Texas. The proceeds from this recital will go to Mary's scholarship fund. I'll get you some more details in a few weeks.

I'm still trying to come up with a time that we can have a get together and dedication for the plaque in the Galway neighborhood. I'll keep you posted.

Please keep long time friend Kathy Baack in your prayers as she continues her battle with cancer.

I'm starting to understand some people's attraction with the road. Freedom is a cool thing. Everything is a journey and I continue to be so blessed by all your friendships.

May the Lord guide you down the road.
God Bless

Thursday, October 04, 2007


The view from our beach.
Beautiful place.

Mahi Mahi
aka Dorado
aka Dolphin
we caught a couple
dozen of these.
good sushi
yum yum!!
Fish on!

150lb Striped Marlin
Very tired fisherman

Cabo was great. Caught lots of fish and had great weather, food, and company. I'm heading out this afternoon to Pennsylvania so this is just a short note. Nothing new with Moriah. Please keep praying for us. Say a prayer for the family of my friend Bill Fulton(Austin trip) as his Dad is not doing very well. Hope the Hawks put on a better show at Happy Valley this Saturday. Look for me on TV. (No I won't be running on the field)
Safe travels to all.
God Bless