Monday, July 30, 2007


Flathead Catfish
35 pounds 45" long
caught and released off my dock
11:oo p.m. 7-27-07

shingled and getting ready for siding

doors and windows are in

My first week off was an eventful one!!!!!
I returned back from the lake on Sunday afternoon. Had a good couple of days, good food, good company, and caught a nice ol catfish. Thanks to Harry and Lois for all their help. You certainly are a generous couple. Moriah seemed a little bit more aware on Sunday when I visited her as she had a little bit different look in her eyes. She is a battling a little bit of congestion but doesn't appear to be too serious. We should have new wheelchair parts shortly so that should make her more comfortable while sitting up. Her left eye also looked much better than last week. Maybe just maybe something good is coming. Our hope and faith continues to give us support.

Peace is the ability to wait patiently in spite of panic brought on by uncertainty.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.
John 14 v27
Danielle will be here later in the week and we will be heading to the lake with some of her friends. Have a great week.

God's peace to all of you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hey Aiden, nice fish.
Well we've solved some of Mo's wheelchair issues and should have some new parts and attatchments next week that should help out. We spent some time outside today and she seemed fairly comfortable on our walk around the property. Nothing else major to report.
Congrats to Bobby and Bobbie who were married over the weekend. Good to see all of you. Mary and I were witness's for their courthouse wedding a week or so before the accident. Best wishes!!!
I'm heading out tomorrow to the lake with Hawkeye Harry and Lois from Lakeville Mn. Have a great week.
God Bless

Thursday, July 19, 2007


We're still battling the wheelchair. Kind of a long story, but hopefully we will have a new chair for her shortly and we can get her in it more often. We have started Moriah on Ambien, which as you probably know is a sleeping pill. There has been some limited success with this in coma patients. They don't know why it works but the theory is that it puts the patient in some form of a sleep and wake cycle. It does appear at times that Mo doesn't sleep too well, so hopefully this will help her at least be more comfortable. One day at a time. Just keep prayin for us.

My last day at work is tomorrow. I guess I would say that I'm somewhere between excited and apprehensive. It's never easy to leave something that you've put 30 years into. Most of August will be spent at the lake and in Iowa City and hopefully a trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Hope to see you along the way. I'll try to keep you up to date as to what I will be doing. I've got a few trips planned and hope to relax both physically and mentally and sort out what I will do in the future. Again I thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Please remember the Trumbull family in your prayers, former Galway Hills neighbors as they face Ray's fight with cancer.

"I want to be like Jesus Christ, keep the party movin, and give good advice"
Bob Schneider

Pay it forward
God Bless

Friday, July 13, 2007


Tres Senoritas!!!!! Danielle flanked by her partners in crime, Miranda on the left, Jessica on the right. See you in August girls!!

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will be doing the work of the Lord.

Galatians 6 v2

Thanks to all of you have that have helped me along the way.

Not much new with Mojo's condition. She will have a trip to UIHC next week for a minor procedure on her stomach. We are having difficulities with her wheelchair. It is very difficult to adjust. Must have been developed by a rocket scientist! We're going to try some different adjustments so that she can be more comfortable while sitting in it. We want her up in the chair as much as possible so it's important that we get one that fits her well. We're also looking at an experimental drug(more on that at a later date)

The house has shingles, sorry that I don't have any new pictures but that will come later also.

Wow, one week of work left,

"Start a new chapter to find what I'm after is changing every day"

"The change of a season is enough of a reason to want to get away"

"Quiet an pensive my thoughts apprehensive the hours drift away"

"Flying a lone hand I've got to get away"

Fly By Night


My next few months are filling up fast, hope to see you along the way.
God Bless

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I miss you Gunner!! John Ewalt 1956-2006

Here's one of Gunner's favorite songs

If you could use a change of pace

Be excused from the rat race

Just take a look at what's on view

Lace em up

Walk around

I guarantee you can't wear them down

You're gonna need a quality shoe!

I wish you sunny skies and happiness

Wherever you may go

But you've got to realize

there will be wind

there will be rain

and occasional snow

You're gonna want to smile and then

If you're going to walk a mile in them

There'll be times when you'll be blue

To laugh at rainy days and then

Make you get a ways and then

You're gonna need a quality shoe!

"Quality Shoe" From Mark Knopfler's "Ragpickers Dream"

Moriah seemed a little more alert this past week. She has battled an ear infection but that seems to be behind her now. I had her outside on several occasions the past week. We will be heading to the hospital shortly to have a procedure done on her tube, which is pretty routine, although nothing really seems routine does it. Just keep prayin for us.

I enjoyed a great Saturday of music with friends Brian and Darlene at Fitzgerald's in Chicago. Live music continues to be a great escape and therapy for me. What a great place and great people!

Thanks to all the musicians also

Bob Schneider and Band
The Marcia Ball Band
Sleepy LaBeef
Tony Joe White
Bob Margolin
Napoleon "Nappy" Brown

God Bless all of you, enjoy the 4th of July Holiday and,
God Bless America