Monday, March 24, 2008


I hope you all had a great Easter!! I fought a bad cold all weekend and lost my voice. Sorry, it's back now.

I've really thought about not doing this blog thing anymore but I've been threatened so here ya go. Maybe I should do one of those online polls.

Not a lot new with Mojo. She has again looked pretty good since the last posting. I got a bit of a squeeze out of her hand on Easter. Her eyes were locked in one position when I arrived but she was looking around a little during the visit. Her bone medication is going the way it's suppose to and she hasn't had any adverse reactions so that is good.

Danielle made the Dean's list!!! I am so proud of her. She (hopefully) will graduate at the end of the Summer and head out to change the world. She has been one of my rocks after all that has happened. She reminds me a lot of a young idealist I knew when I was 18 or so.

I'm off next week and hope to see Jawon and spend some time at the lake and catch some Sunnyfish as he would say.

"I took her hand, and I gave her a twirl, and lost my heart to a Galway girl."
Galway Girl by Steve Earle from Transcendental Blues
ran across this song hunting for some St Patrick's day tunes. Ha!! found this ironically appropriate and he's in town next month.

Make the most of the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5 v16

Todays events in Iowa City really made me pause and think of this passage.

Keep prayin, LOUD or soft!!!!
Thank you all for being part of my blessings.
Man I love spring.
God Bless

Monday, March 10, 2008


Moriah's results from her bone scan were not good. Her bone density is decreasing. She is being treated with something that I can't remember or spell but basically it's Calcium with some vitamins to try and help restore her to normal levels. This was kind of an unexpected setback as the test was done as a precaution and the thinking was that we wouldn't see this with someone of her age, but the lack of activity has taken it's toll in regards to her bone density.
Actually other than that she's looked pretty good the past few weeks.

What can I say??
Is this the way that life is suppose to be?
Maybe it's exactly as it's suppose to be.
And there's a reason that you just can't say
There are good days and they come and go
But they never seem to last
Cuz when the bad days they come around
They always seem to kick the good days ass right into the ground!

plagurized from Bob Schneider

Sorry for taking so long to post,

Speaking of good days thanks to
for having dinner with me on my birthday.

and to all of those of you that called or sent a card on my birthday(although I really didn't want you to) well ok maybe I did

And to those of you who remembered Mary's birthday on March 1st.(although I really didn't want you to) well ok I did.

I guess nobody said this would be easy.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Dreams of Angels and Sunshine
Rivers of Red Wine
And Orange Peel Blue
I'm Dreaming of You.

Billy Joe Shaver "I'm Gonna Live Forever"

Keep praying Loud of Soft
God Bless
I'm ok, sometimes you
just gotta get some thoughts out of your brain to make room for some better things.
that feels better.