Thursday, July 27, 2006


Moriah was about the same yesterday as the past couple of weeks. She had her eyes open frequently and looked comfortable. She still has an issue with her left eye and it was a little red. They are going to start giving her some different drops.
The big news is that we are looking for a care facility in Iowa City to move her too. Insurance will no longer pay for this level of care without major progress so we are looking for a place that will give her good care here locally. The problem with that is insurance does not pay facility charges for a long term facility. Hopefully she will progress and then at some point in the future, with progress we can continue a more aggressive rehab program. I will let you know when the move is but most likely it will be within the week or two.
God Bless

Thursday, July 20, 2006


A quick update.
Visited Mo again on Wednesday. A little quieter than the last few visits. However she did turn her head and move her eyes to look at a friend in the room. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am planning on heading to the Lake so I'll talk to you next week sometime.
God Bless

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Moriah and I had a good Saturday afternoon, although due to the heat we did not venture outside. She had those big browns open almost the entire time that I was there. She did move her left arm a couple of times. She moved her hand towards her face when she sneezed and yawned so that was kind of cool and I hadn't seen that before. So maybe another baby step.
It is not our choice but our duty to endure the fight along side her. For all of those who have visited her and that keep praying for her many thanks. God Bless all of you.

Life is so strange cuz it changes yes indeed
And I have seen the hard times when the pressures been on me
Well I'm leaving this game one step ahead of you
You will not hear me cry for I do not sing the Blues

Lynyrd Skynyrd "Gimme Back My Bullets"(symbolism here)
Dedicated to the love, memory, and friendship of John Gunner Ewalt
The last thing John said to me was "I love ya man, take care of yourself"

To a better week next week. Thanks for helping in the struggle

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


A quick update

Visited Moriah today and she has again seen a couple of small improvements. Her therapists have seen some slight gains since the removal of the trache. They have discontinued several medicines that she has been on since the accident. She is now being fed at regular intervals three times a day instead of hooked up all night. They have seen some tracking and some inconsistent responses to minor commands. So keep on prayin as we need major improvements to happen!!

Vinny brightened up by day showing up to visit Moriah and I. Thanks Vince.

On the sad side of town
My best friend from Elementary and High School John "Gunner" Ewalt passed away a couple of days ago. I guess he just couldn't take the pain of life anymore. Please keep his family in your prayers. He was here 3 weeks ago, and now he's gone. Another curveball.

"God knows how often I pray for you. Day and night I bring you and your needs in prayer.

God Bless

Monday, July 10, 2006


Visited Moriah on Saturday with Sister Susanne and Nephew Jordan. She had her eyes open a lot and moved around a fair amount. We spent about an hour outside with her in the fresh air. A couple of the nurses said she seems more alert now in the evening and is doing some tracking with her eyes. However we still need to see some response to commands which would be the next big step on the improvement chart. The fact of the matter is, if some improvement isn't seen shortly she probably won't be allowed to stay in this type of facility which has a high rate of care and therapy. Unfortunatley that is the reality of the current situation($$$$$$$$) We still hope and pray that something good happens soon. Your prayers and thoughts are so needed and so greatly appreciated. I am stil overwhelmed and humbled by all of you.

Sometimes the load seems just too much to pull
Why me?
Why anyone?
Why must we part this way?
And the clock keeps on doing it's job up on the wall
And I've got some peace and quiet now to make sense of it all
But if you think these blues ain't bad you've never faced the bull!
Cuz my coffee cup is empty and the ashtray is full.

Watermelon Slim and The Workers

I know, kind of depressing but a great song off of a great album
and no, I'm not smokin. Time really doesn't stop for anyone does it??

God Bless

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I visited Moriah a couple of times since the last blog. Her trache wound is healing well. She has had her eyes open substantially more during the last two visits than in the previous month. I spent about an hour outside with her on the 4th. Hope the fresh air does her well. Her left eye also looks much better. She seemed more alert but we are still waiting for a definite response to questions or reactions. It seems like at times she does respond, but is difficult to tell how much.
Hope you all had a great 4th. My weekend was good, albeit bittersweet. Good friends, good food, good tunes. Another one of those firsts that always seem to sneak up and smack you a little.

The Lord is good to those who wait for him,
to the soul that seeks him.
Lamentations 3 v22

Thank you to those of you who continue the wait.
God Bless